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What You Should Know

Selling a business is not an overnight process

On average, it takes between 6-9 months to sell a business. Each sale is unique- some may sell sooner, some may sell later. We suggest beginning the sales process 9 months prior to your target sell-date.

The most common mistake when selling a business is a lack of preparation

Before you decide to list your business, ensure everything is in top operating order. Ensure your financial records are up to date as up to date information will be crucial information pertaining to your sale.

Be realistic

We often see sellers set the price on their business too high or too low. Let us help you determine fair market value!

The Steps to a Successful Sale


Ensure your financial records are up to date. The most important reports a buyer will want to see are the last 2 years tax returns and last four BAS statements. These reports should be prepared before listing.


Buyers need to know that your business is for sale. You will need to engage a variety of methods to attract them. Cutting corners on advertising and marketing will not save you money in the long term.


Buying your business needs to make sense to a buyer – it is a commercial decision. Your business profile needs to be well written and accurate to give a buyer the confidence to move forward.


Flexibility is the key to negotiating a successful sale. A serious buyer may want to negotiate both the price and terms of your sale. Negotiate these two elements together and never in isolation.

Benefits of Selling with Proactive Business Sales
  • We oversee the entire transaction from finding a buyer to the day the business exchanges hands. We involve ourselves with every process from start to finish which facilities the sale and increases the odds of closing the deal. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with inquiries and tire kickers and let us sort through the leads to establish who is a qualified buyer and who is not. Let us deal with the banks, the franchisor, and the landlords. Save yourself the time commitment and the headaches.
  • Our client base is extensive. We regularly receive inquiries from buyers looking to purchase a business.
  • We proactively search for a buyer for your business. Not only do we market the business directly to our enormous client base, we also reach out and expose your business to those who may not have been in contact with our team before.
  • We understand and respect confidentiality.
  • We know fair market value. We can accurately and appropriately price your business.
  • We provide more services to the buyer which ultimately helps close your sale. We offer to apply for financing on behalf of the buyer to secure financing. We also offer help and explanation to a buyer when they are applying to a franchise.
  • We can expedite the entire selling process by ensuring communication between all parties and deadlines being met.
  • We act as an intermediary to negotiate on your behalf and protect your interests.